Van Holland Condo Price List

Here are the unit sizes and approximate prices for Van Holland Condo.


Developer Pricing Chart (Nett Price)

Last Updated: 30th March 2023

TypeArea Size (From)Area Size (To)Price (From)Price (To)Available UnitsTotal Units
1 Bedroom495 sqft495 sqft$1,581,153$1,600,064310
2 Bedroom657 sqft689 sqft$2,182,096$2,182,09619
2 Bedroom Premium710 sqft797 sqft$2,976,350$2,984,75538
2 Bedroom + Study Exclusive1,001 sqft1,001 sqft$2,312,371$2,440,544817
3 Bedroom1,130 sqft1,152 sqftFully SoldFully Sold09
3 Bedroom + Study1,055 sqft1,055 sqftFully SoldFully Sold03
4 Bedroom1,345 sqft1,345 sqftFully SoldFully Sold05
4 Bedroom Exclusive1,593 sqft1,593 sqftFully SoldFully Sold06
4 Bedroom Exclusive + Attic1,991 sqft1,991 sqftFully SoldFully Sold02


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